Please Pass the Gluten Free Goodies

The holiday season is upon us, and with the festivities comes our favorite holiday ritual: giving and sharing baked goods!

As a gluten free family, it’s always been a very meaningful gesture to us when loved ones remember to have gluten free treats at gatherings and celebrations. Nobody wants to be left out of dessert when the table is laden with apple and pumpkin pies and freshly baked cookies, so when friends of ours have remembered to provide a gluten free option, it makes everyone feel extra welcome and included in the festivities.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog in hopes of finding just the right treat to bring your gluten free friends and family -- or perhaps indulge in yourself -- you’re in the right place! There’s nothing we love more than whipping up holiday treats to pass around, and our Research and Development Team has truly outdone themselves this month. 

Gluten Free Fudgy Vanilla Walnut Cookies

If you’re searching for a cookie that feels familiar and comforting while also surprising your guests with the occasional delightfully unexpected taste, reach for a batch of our fudgy vanilla walnut cookies. Packed with a rich cocoa flavor and friendly vanilla chips, walnuts and a whisper of cayenne elevate this cookie to something truly unique and special. 

If you choose to serve a batch of these goodies, be warned: side effects of eating include intense cravings for more cookies, and talking about how delicious they were whenever anyone asks about holiday food highlights.

Gluten Free Snazzy Ginger Spice Cookies 

Snappy and spicy with notes of ginger, turmeric, and a few other top-secret ingredients, we’re particularly excited about these warm and nostalgic cookies. There’s something about ginger that gives us the feelings of both euphoria and sentimental coziness that we could all use more of this year. Serve a batch of these treats to give guests an extra spring in their step and toasty feeling this holiday season.

Gluten Free Radical Brownies 

A favorite of Mrs. Bickels’ customers for years, you can’t go wrong with a batch of our radical brownies on your holiday spread. Rich fudgy cocoa from our signature Guittard chocolate chips paired with plum undertones and a whisper of cayenne provides a flavor experience that, dare we say it, is nearly too good to be true. Optional walnuts add an extra level of texture, while the nut free option provides you with a total chocolate immersion.

To ensure maximum comfort, warmth, and joy during this unconventional holiday season, we can’t recommend these brownies enough. Better get an extra batch as these are sure to go fast!

Pick up some of these treats for the gluten free people in your life and be prepared to hide them if you must --  everyone will be trying to eat them! And if your Thanksgiving looks slightly smaller this year due to covid travel complications, we always offer guaranteed fresh shipping options, so you can extend some seasonal cheer to your gluten free loved ones no matter where they happen to be this year.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon about our specially curated gift boxes and gift cards, sure to satisfy the sweet lovers on your gift list.