Gluten Free Gifts That Go the Distance

The holiday season has always been a favorite time of year for us here at Mrs. Bickel’s. Perhaps it’s because of the extra time we have to spend with family, or maybe it’s because we find ourselves baking more than ever, or possibly it’s because we love seeing people’s faces light up when they open a box of our goodies as a gift. (We bet it’s a little bit of all three!)

Baking has always been one of our family’s favorite winter pastimes. Waking up early to a chilly day that was just frigid enough to prevent biking outside without freezing our fingers off (yes, readers across the country: It does get cold in Vegas!), we’d head straight to the kitchen to begin whipping up whatever sweet treat we craved, throwing butterscotch chips or handfuls of walnuts into the mix at the last minute. The coziest way to spend a winter day that we can imagine is spending the day in the kitchen, then taking the goodies fresh out of the oven to the couch to enjoy a movie or a radio show. (And yes, we really did listen to radio shows as kids -- even the millennial members of the Harkins household! Old school!)

If you’re searching for the perfect gift to give your loved ones with a sweet tooth, look no further than Mrs. Bickel’s specially curated gift boxes and gift card options. We rely on these goodies to give to other gluten free friends, but the secret to Mrs. Bickel’s baking is that anyone, gluten-digesting individuals included, will find these treats scrumptious and satisfying!

And as always, our Research & Development Team has been hard at work taste testing the most scrumptious flavors of the season -- these ones especially inspired by some of our favorite childhood baking flavor memories. While you’re picking up a gift basket or two, why not treat yourself to some delicious cozy morsels?

Gluten Free Butterscotch Toffee Brownie

Trust us, it takes every ounce of self control not to eat all of these right off the baking sheet! These are hardly your average brownies. Ultra rich cocoa is enriched with a slight cayenne kick, smooth and subtle caramel butterscotch flavors, and a satisfying crunch of toffee that makes these brownies singularly exciting and addicting. They’re a surefire recipe for holiday cheer, whether you manage to give some away or eat them all yourself!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sometimes a classic favorite is best, especially in the form of a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie. Our nostalgic buttery cookie dough takes us right back to those childhood baking days, and we hope these cookies make you feel as warm and cozy as a full-bodied fireplace on a winter’s day. Notes of vanilla blend with dark chocolate chips to form a delectable balance of sweetness. Crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, leave a few of these out for Santa or dunk in a cool glass of milk with your loved ones for the ultimate shared holiday experience. 

Gluten Free Snickerdoodle

Apart from objectively being the most fun cookie name of all time, snickerdoodles have remained a favorite of some of the members of the Harkins household since childhood. A warm cinnamon sugar blend offers reminiscent feelings of safety and calm ease, with crisp edges and  a chewy inside that melts right on the tongue. Send a batch of these goodies to anyone who needs some extra love and care this season, or serve them at home for a deliciously sentimental snacking experience.

Wherever you and your loved ones happen to be this holiday season, we hope our latest bakes will fill you with feelings of comfort and cheer. From our kitchen to yours!